On The Road With John “The Man” Reeves

Bodega on the road with John Reeves

Ah, demos—demos are for the kids, and demos are fun. Especially with the group of guys that I’ve been doing demos with lately—the Bodega team—and everyone has fun. On this particular weekend, me and the rest of the Bodega team went upto Connecticut from New York to promote, skate, party and have a good time. I’m originally from San Diego (I been living in New York for the last couple of years) so you know I know how to have a good time. The only real difference from going to a demo in San Diego and going to one on the East Coast is the weather. I’m pretty used to it now, but it’s cold out here and the demos are indoor at skateparks as opposed to being outdoor, warm and sunny in a parking lot.

This day was cold. and the plan was for me to meet up with Ryan Zimmerman and Joe Humeres at 9:00 am at a local Brooklyn diner, then we would drive up to Connecticut to meet up with the other guys. However, nothing is ever that easy. It can never be that easy, and how could it? In the middle of the winter when its twenty below? Anyway, Joe wasn’t there at 9:00am and neither was I, but like a good businessman and photographer, Ryan was. And luckily when I got to the diner he was already standing outside waiting with a coffee in hand and ready to go. There was only one thing missing—for us to get our trip started, we needed Joe and the rental car. Did I mention that Joe was renting a car for this adventure? Yeah, Joe Humeres the Latino-born freestyler was renting a car and he decided that he’d book the car on-line from a rental car agency at John F. Kennedy international airport. He thought that this was a fine plan, he would book the car, pay for it on the internet with his debit card, wake up earlier than everyone else, and pick it up then pick us up at the diner. This was a great plan so he paid for the car and went to get it. How easy could it be? Everthing went smooth and I was proud ofJoe for doing such a great job at his team-managerial duties. Except for one thing, when he arrived to pick up the car he needed two forms of identification including a major credit card and a debit card would not cut it. I can’t blame Joe, as far as he knew, you get what you pay for. I can blame 9/11. So instead of Joe picking Ryan and I up, we all met up at JFK, including Oscar who had a major credit card. Needless to say we got the car and went happily on our way to to first demo at CT Bike and Skate in Conneticut.

Let me first say that this park has been where it stands for over twenty years. That’s really good for any business involved with skateboarding. Also, the people are really nice. With that said, let me say, “This park sucks.” But that is also what makes it fun, anything you do here is a challenge. Whether you’re pumping up the five-foot transitions on the 9-foot vert ramp, or trying not to slip out on the raised spine mini-ramp, or even if you’re sliding across the masonite-floor street course—if you make atrick, then you make your day. There were lots of kids and they seemed happy to skate with us and I gave a little girl a little girl T-shirt and she was stoked, not to mention she was skating better than half the boys. To wrap this demo up we did a pseudo best-trick skate jam to give the all the best skaters some free product. Next we were on our way to the Academy, a huge skatepark in Conneticut that puts most other skateparks to shame! This place is awesome, I hadn’t seen anything like it in a long, long time. Granted, it has only been open for six months but with the business it had and all the moms in the parking lot it seems like it will be open for a long time. They have one of the, if not the widest most fun mini-ramps I’ve ever skated, a huge multi-banked, multi-legded, handrailed, sick-ass street course too. And to top that off, the owners were mad cool. At the end of the night me and most of the Bodega team were chillin’ in the owner’s office with a bird’s eye view of the ppark and a full bar.Needless to say I had a blast at the Academy.—JTMR

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