On Tour With Andy Mac: Day TwoTuesday, October 27

I stayed up way too long last night being the computer geek that I am, and the result was I slept in until 11:00 a.m. By the time I’d sent my last few e-mails, shaved, showered, and thrown my bags together, everyone was already in the RV waiting for me. Super Stop & Shop for breakfast, and we were on our way. I was jealous of “The Kids,” who both downed a whole family size package of cookies for breakfast and didn’t even think twice. That’s the kind of stuff I did when I was eighteen years old, too.

After a few wrong turns¿”Dude, you can’t get thaar from hehya” (Boston emphasis added)¿we arrived at Holyoke Mall. We all walked in and pretty much decided that there was no way there could be a skatepark of any sort in this place.

This was a big mall, much like you’d find in any major city in America. The difference was that on the top level, just between Kids ‘R Us and the Slot Car Race Track store, was Mass Skate Co. When we showed up, the crowd of kids in the pro shop out front was spilling out into the mall. We fought our way to the back, where we found a four-foot mini ramp about twenty feet wide, and a small but fun street course. Neal had already decided to sit this one out due to the lack of any visible vert ramps. Dave took some runs, and I looked for the biggest transfers I could do without hitting my head on the ultra-low ceilings. Day was a

hit on the flatland tip as usual, and kids just wanted to sit on his bike. Today, however, was the day for “The Kids.” Billy and Dan went to work on the street course right away. Billy hit nollie hardflips every time on the bank, and Dan got tech with the backside ollie tail to backside 180 kickflip out on the quarter. Abiram jumped right in with a frontside flip stalefish grab over the box, and Tony made a noseblunt to nollie flip in, first try, on the mini ramp.

I cut out a bit early to visit friends up in Amhurst, but I heard Mark Sperling say something about go-carts right as I was leaving. I’ll put my money on Neal.