Osiris Premiere, Feed The Need

Feels like there’s a new video premiering every week right about now. Didn’t everyone want to avoid coming out at the same time as Lakai? Ironic how that worked out. We had Birdhouse and Nike here on the West Coast and Static and Habitat on the East Coast. Some were hyped beyond belief and some just promoted modestly on the down low. Osiris seemed to be a bit of a sleeper which shouldn’t be the case considering their awesome team. Well, let me tell you, everybody in this video had a full, banging part which is more than can be said for some of the other vids dropping right now. And this video is gonna be free, kids. No spoilers, get your hands on Feed The Need, the skating is top notch and the music is delightful. Big ups to Osiris for a pleasant premiere experience and a fistful of drink tickets to take care of us all.

Check all the photos in the slideshow!