Park Spotting-Continental Ranch Skatepark

Where is it?

Continental Ranch Community skatepark is located in Marana, Arizona-about ten minutes north of Tucson.


Exit I-10 at Cortaro Road, and head west on Cortaro to Silverbell. Turn right, and proceed to Coachline Boulevard. Turn right on Coachline, and the park is two blocks down on the right at 8900 N. Coachline Boulevard.

What’s in the park?

It’s a relatively small park, and the majority of the park is made up of five-foot-tall transitions. It also has a small six-foot bowl connected to the park via some hips and half of a capsule that’s five feet tall. There’re some small ledges on top of the manual pad, one hubba ledge that’s long but not tall, a pyramid, and a seven-stair. If you’re traveling through and you want to get out of the car for a while, it’s a fun park.

Does it have lights?


What’s good about it?

The park’s upside is it’s free, no pads are required, and it was poured by a reputable company-so no kinks, and the concrete’s super smooth with some good lines.

What’s bad about it?

The downside to this park is if there’re more than fifteen people, it’s crowded and hard to flow through the park. Also, if you don’t like transistions, you’ll probably be bummed. The pyramid is small and pointless, and the seven-stair has three feet of runway.

Any admission fees?


Do you have to wear pads?


What about cops?

No problems reported.

When does it get crowded?

When there are more than fifteen kids lurking around.

One to ten rating.

A six. It’s not the ultimate park, but it’s fun enough to stop by and have a roll.