Park Spotting – Denver, Colorado – 20.1

Whoa!? This skatepark doesn’t suck! Sound too good to be true? Wait, there’s more! You’re not forced to wear pads, there’re stadium-light beams until eleven at night, there’s a water fountain, and yes, there’s even terrain for every different species of skateboarder. No, this is not a joke! From street dawgz to bowl trogs there sure is a ton of happy schralpers in the city of Denver. And, yes, you should be very, very jealous.

Jealous of the trogs in the thirteen-foot-deep gnar bowl, the clover bowls, the mini bowls, the fish ponds, the whoopty-whoops, and uhhh, did I forget the street action? The street dawgz’ got real concrete ledges, pyramids, rails, step-ups, hips, and a ton of the ever-popular “launch over a cone” zones. There’s not one crack either! Not one! If someone tells you there’s a crack they’re a freakin’ liar and you should give them a roundhouse kick to the nipple. You know what else rules? I saw a cop give a BMXer a ticket there for having pegs on his bike. The cop said, and I quote, “Those peg things aren’t allowed because they chip the concrete and wreck the metal grinders.” Does it get any better than that?

Yes, it does. This park isn’t even done yet. They’re adding more street stuff next year! Plus, as a bonus, there’s always a huge assortment of freaks to laugh at. At all times there’re at least eight mullets, four buffalo soldiers, three rat-tail Bladers, and at least one drunk 80s-style hessian on a Variflex. Basically, this park is a freak magnet and it’s great. So go there and chomp this shit up, ’cause it beats almost every park they’ve got in California.-Shad