Park Spotting – Sunnyvale Skatepark

Where is it?

In Sunnyvale, California in the Fair Oaks Park at the Fair Oaks and Wolfe Road intersection.


Take Highway 101 north from San Jose, exit Fair Oaks, head west (left), and go down the street about a mile. When Fair Oaks hits Wolfe Road veer to the left-the skatepark’s on your left by the baseball field.

What’s in the park?

Something for everyone: Ledges-with skatestoppers on

one side!-bowls, banks, pyramid, and a vert wall.

Who designed it?

Not totally sure, but probably Wormhoudt.

Does it have lights?

No, but when there’s a ball game you can skate with

the field’s lights.

What’s good about it?

Always rad people to skate with and get inspired! Jason Adams, Crazy Eddie, Steve Caballero, Pete The Ox, visiting pros, and

many young guns. The Tim Brauch Memorial Jam, random Sunday barbecues, girl skaters, and so on. Fishbanks skate shop is across the street and the ice cream man cruises by constantly.

What’s bad about it?

Sometimes cops cruise by and hand out pad tickets, bikers lurk, and snakeboarders frequent there, as well.

Any admission fees?

No way, man!

Do you have to wear pads?

Yes, you’re suppose to, but …

What about cops?

Keep your head up if you’re not wearing pads, and when someone yells, “Cops!” Sit the hell down and chill for a minute.

When does it get crowded?

After school and sunset sessions can get tight.

What are the chances of getting beat up?

Pretty rare, you gotta really be blowing it.

One to ten rating.

An 8.5. If the park had lights, no pad rules, and cement

coping, it would be a total go, but it’s the best thing in the San Jose

area.-Ray Stevens II