Park Spotting – Volcano Skatepark

This is probably the only skatepark in the world sitting atop an active volcano. Located on the big island of Hawai’i, this park is about 30 minutes from Hilo and nearly two hours from Kona-but it’s well worth the drive. There’s a roof over the whole place, so rain is not an issue. No pads, no helmet, and no entry fee are required. It’s never crowded and has an original design, to say the least-sort of a mini-ramp, vert-bowl, spine, street-course thingy with a lot of strange obstacles on the surrounding perimeters.

The locals are very friendly and a lot of fun to skate with. You’ll notice that a lot of the locals skate without shoes, which is cool if anything else isn’t. Also worth mentioning: Hawai’i’s Volcanoes National Park is located about a half mile down the road, and a good portion of it can be seen in one or two hours, but I recommend spending the night to check out everything. Aloha.-Chris Senn