Party Of The Year At Pala

Last weekend the band Kill Cheerleader all the way from Toronto were flown out to Cali by Vestal to do a show at the annual 4-20 Grenade Games at June Lake and i was invited to trot along after setting them up with a show in San Marcos on 4/19. On the way back to San Diego from Mammoth they were trying to decide where to play there last show on the trip and the first thing that came to my mind was to play at the Pala pool while a bunch of drunk banshees shredded the gnar. The guys had never played a skate party before and it just seemed like the perfect place for this sort of deal. With a day of telling people via Myspace and talking to a few other bands it was on.

The weather report said there was going to be a 10% chance of rain which i thought might ruin the whole plan but everyone remained optimistic and things went quite as planned. We arrived to the pool at around 7 pm with just enough time to set up lights and generators before sundown. There was already a large number of people ripping including the likes of Lance Conklin, Slash, Brenden Klein, Dylan Gearhart, Benji Galloway, Jay Thorpe, the entire Ego Mob, and many more that shall remain anonymous. The first band that played went by the name of The Wrecking crew and if you haven’t heard of them yet you are missing out on good things. They’re a local band from north county and they started the night off just right. Conklin periodically got on the mic to warn the masses on keeping the place clean and if there was a piece of trash in sight to pick it up. Thanks Lance, you make things like these able to happen again. The Pala pool has been around for years and this is only possible because people respect it. Following Wrecking crew was Kill Cheerleader and the crowd of roats went nuts. Jason Decay from Goat Horn filled in on rhythm guitar and was playing with his feet on the coping of the deep end which intensely reminded me of that old Vision video with agent orange playing the pool session. Nihilist from Carlsbad closed the show with some of the best metal north county has to offer and hair was flying everywhere. As they played there last songs rain began to fall and everyone slowly began to take off. You should have seen the line of cars leaving, it was pretty retarded.

All in all the party went right as planned and everyone that attended had a great time. Thanks go out to Jason Bayne at Grenade, Lance conklin at Vox, Brenden Klein, George Crosland, Kill Cheerleader, Wrecking crew, and Nihilist. Without you guys this would just be another pool session, not the party of the year i saw it as.

Check out these links to hear the bands that played……………or visit them on Myspace.

—Jimmy Astleford

All photos: George Crosland and Jimmy Astleford

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