Pay Day: Chris Cole


Wanna know how to win this month’s Pay Day, with gear from Zero, DC, Omit, Spitfire, Thunder, Monster, Piiq, and Stance? All right buddy, go film yourself frontside 270 to front board a rail. Nah, just kidding, we’re not that mean. Seriously, that trick’s borderline impossible. Unless you’re Chris Cole–a sure candidate for the top 30 most influential skaters of tomorrow. Then it’s just shits and giggles.

But what the hell do you call that trick he’s doin’ in his Welcome To DC video? Frontside 270 to front board? Frontside 270 to alley oop back lip? Frontside pretzel to Chris Cole-you’re-a-madman-and-this-might-as-well-be-some-special-EA SKATE maneuver?

That’s where you come in. Give this Chris Cole signature trick a new name in the comments as well as the reason we should pick you. Best name and reason takes all.

*Yo, Mike Peters! Hope you enjoy all that Wes Kremer gear from last month’s Pay Day!


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