To come up on Corey Duffel's Pay Day with gear from Foundation, Osiris, Ambig, Pig, Venture, Bones Swiss, Dakine, Skullcandy, Armourdillo, Death Squad, BLKLTD, and Hoven, we asked you to design your very own T-shirt for Corey’s new accessories company BLKLTD. Corey came down to our offices and narrowed down the entries to his favorite 5, with 2 special honorable mentions (which was pretty damn hard considering how many good ones came through). Vote for your favorite in the poll below to determine who wins the fan vote. Whoever has the most votes by noon PST on May 18 is gonna be one happy mofo. Corey’s personal favorite, however, is gonna be turned into a limited edition BLKLTD tee and receive their own special prize pack. Good luck, and may the best design win!

Franco Beceiro
Ben Peters
Martin Tzonev
Robert Martin
Tony Clark
Adam Novicki
Rick Goldschmidt

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