Pay Day: Lucas Puig


All right, there's some good news and some bad news. First the good: Frenchman Lucas Puig has one of the meanest switch front heels in the game (check this month’s cover), and as such, has collected some of the best sponsors out there—which means, oui oui, nimrod, quality goods for you. Bad news: one of you is gonna brutally piss off your mom after winning all this gear from adidas, Cliché, Fourstar, Independent, and Autobahn, 'cause she's gonna have to clean out the entire garage to make room for it all. Plus, not a single one of his sponsors threw in a free baguette. Oh well.

To win, all you’ve gotta do is:

1. Watch Lucas’ Pro Spotlight Video.

2. Check our Facebook page (and give us a “like” if you haven’t already) where you’ll find a trivia question relating to the Pro Spotlight Video.

3. Answer the question in your most witty and entertaining way possible, and we’ll select one winner at random.

4. Go skateboard ’til the sun goes down, and then skateboard some more.

*Congratulations go out to Brandon Salo for winning last month’s Tony Trujillo Pay Day.