When we decided to do the biggest Pay Day giveaway of all time for our 2012 Buyers Guide, there was only really one skater with enough sponsors to make it work out. That's Mr. Theotis Beasley, to you—perhaps the most sponsored skater out there. Plus, Theotis, a.k.a. the nicest dude on the planet, is always down for sending kids boxes. But luckily, this time you don't even have to send in your footy tape to get your hands on one.

To win our biggest giveaway yet, worth thousands and thousands of dollars, and with more gear than you're gonna know what to do with from Baker, Nike SB, Altamont, Stance, Bones Swiss, DaKine, Skullcandy, Neff, Spitfire, Thunder, Mountain Dew, Shake Junt, Meister Watches, Ashbury Sunglasses, Active, and Markisa (damn, Theotis, that's a lot of sponsors), all you’ve gotta do is:

-Make your best Thee Thee-approved sticker job. Get creative. Plaster your board. Stick ’em up all over the streets. Use the stripper down the street from your house’s booty as a canvas. Cover your entire body. Cut them, stencil them, paint them, whatever. There’s no rules or guidelines. Just do something and take a picture of it!

-We’ll post the top 10 here in a poll on Monday, January 30, and whoever’s got the most votes at the end of the week, wins the product toss.

-Send all submissions to twshasmail@gmail.com with “Theotis Pay Day” as the subject by Friday, January 27 to be considered. Please keep entries limited to 3 different sticker jobs.

Stick ’em up, son!

*There’s been some confusion. For anyone wondering, here’s how it works: you can use any type of sticker. You can even make your own. Just a typical sticker job/collage like you’d do on your board, but there’s no limitations: do it in the streets, on a mailbox, whatever. Take a photo of your finished product and send it in. Boom, that’s it.