Usually it takes tons of cash to make it rain, but if you wanna make it reign all over the place with this mountainous pile of product from Tom Asta's sponsors for the low, low price of…well, free, then you're in luck, 'cause the only thing it's gonna cost you is the envy of all your friends if you win.

To come up on this prize pack from Mystery, Fallen, LRG, Piiq Headphones, Reign, Spitfire, and Thunder, all you've gotta do is:

Design your very own Reign logo and email it to by midnight, Sunday, October 23.

We’ll upload the top 10 right here on on Monday, October 24 and give you guys a chance to vote for the winner, who will be announced on November 1. Get those etch a sketches out and start designing now!

*Congratulations go out to Cameron Esel for winning last month's Lucas Puig Pay Day.