Pay Day: Tony Trujillo


Plenty of people try to pose the look, but few dudes skate with the reckless abandon that Tony Trujillo somehow pulls off. So, sure, while we're giving away all this product from Antihero, Vans, Independent, Spitfire, Fourstar, including limited edition Vans x Spitfire collabo gear and his new pro model shoe, the TNT5, be forewarned: you can try to imitate the look, but goddamn, you can't fake the style.

To win, all you've gotta do is write a personalized song for TNT’s band Bad Shit. Record it and post it up as an mp3, send lyrics alone if you don’t play music, or just send chords you think would sound rad…who cares, get creative. Send your entries to with the subject as “TNT Pay Day” so we can find ’em.

Deadline for submissions is August 30.

*It was pretty damn hard narrowing down all the submissions to one because all of you are evidently so amazingly talented, but congrats go out to Victor Ortiz from Colombia for winning last month's Tyler Bledsoe Pay Day. To win, you had to design a board for T-Bloods. Damn, this one looks like it came straight from the Alien Workshop vaults. Check it out, as well as a few runner-ups, down below.

michele marconi application.jpg