Paycheck – The Girl legacy, starring Tim Gavin

World Industries rider Jovantae Turner called Tim Gavin up and said, “Look, we're all doing this, you need to do it, too.”

Tim didn't think twice and consecutively threw two fingers (peace, not two middles … or maybe two middles, too?) at World Industries' Owner Steve Rocco and anybody who questioned him: “A lot of people were left behind, but a lot of people didn't want to come on as well. I wasn't bummed if anyone got left behind. I was just stoked to be a part of it. I said, 'F–k it. F–k you guys.' And I was the last guy asked to be put on Girl.”

With a new group of skateboarders came team input led by Rick Howard's vision and Andy Jenkins' art direction. The first series of pro models kept it simple: the pro's name, the logo (which some now consider more of an international symbol of skateboarding than an international symbol for a place for women to relieve themselves), and the word “Girl” in that pro's native language. The move came at a good time for Tim; not only was it his first pro model to be part of a series of boards, but it was a bit more conservative than his Blind graphics of the past. Before that, any kid who hadn't seen Blind's Tim And Henry's Pack Of Lies might've only pictured Tim's image with a Playboy bunny or as a guy driving a Barbie-mobile–two of his first pro-model graphics.

Tim's board-graphic notoriety never achieved that of his Blind rip-off graphics, and according to him, maybe he shouldn't have taken the conservative route when coming up with ideas. His first Girl graphic art-direction flopped: “I had my ex-girlfriend … you know, I wanted to get in good with her, so I came up with this genius idea to have her draw a graphic for me. It was this lame drawing of some birds on a perch. The board never sold. But you know, my name was solid at the time, the graphic just sucked.”

So Tim was never an art director extraordinaire, but it was that downtime between Blind and Girl that may have chiseled him into the man capable of holding down “vice president” status at Podium Distribution today: “I wasn't concerned. We stole so much stuff from World Industries–I just sold it all at Santa Monica Beach and made money off that. The going price that all my friends had established was twenty bucks a board, but I wanted to sell more units so I sold 'em for ten.” Tim was hardly worried about the possible loss of the lavish Rocco-paid lifestyle he had grown accustomed to.

Today, while you need more than one hand to count the number of years that Tim has been retired from pro skateboarding, the Girl and Tim Gavin legacy continue to run deep. And if you were wondering, yes, he still has a bevy of his original Girl boards in the attic: “Maybe one day I can show 'em to one of the seven kids I'm going to have.”–Eric Stricker

The Original Girl Team And Their Former Teams

Rick Howard, Plan B

Mike Carroll, Plan B

Eric Koston, 101

Sean Sheffey, Plan B

Jovantae Turner, World

Rudy Johnson, Blind

Guy Mariano, Blind

Tim Gavin, Blind

Tony Ferguson, Plan B

Jeron Wilson, Blind