Payday – Bam Margera

At the time the trivia question for Brandon Biebel was written it didn’t seem very difficult-until I actually paid attention and tried to track down every jersey Brandon was wearing in his Subtleties part. I finally called Brandon to get clarification on a couple, but here are the jerseys he wore: Eddie George Titans, Charles Woodson Raiders, Darrell Green Redskins, Tyrone Wheatley Raiders, Eddie George Titans (alternate), Aaron Glenn Texans, Alan Iverson’s I3 football jersey, and a Cincinnati Royals (Sacramento Kings throwback) Mike Bibby jersey. Javi Alanis from Fort Worth, Texas mailed in the correct response, so be on the lookout for that Biebel package, Javi.

This month Element skateboards, Adio shoes, Odessa watches, Destructo trucks, and Speed Metal bearings assembled a mega Bam Margera Payday. We know there’re a few fans out there who’re dying for this gear. If you’ve seen any footage of Bam in the past or on his Jackass show, you know that he likes cars. Send in a list of the vehicles that Bam has owned over the years and we’ll send you a nice box of goodies, including a signed deck. Good luck!-Eric Sentianin

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