PAYDAY – Mark Appleyard

Design Your Own Mark Appleyard Pro Model Shoes!

As of late, Mark Appleyard has been busier than your average professional. Signature products for his mass of sponsors require extensive amounts of doodling, drawing, designing, testing, and approving-all things Mark takes seriously and makes sure he has a hand in before he signs his name on anything. While he loves the process, he’s found that it’s been seriously taking a toll on his skate time, not to mention his Bukowski-reading time, so he’s going to take the month off and let you do the job (we figure you’d be better at this than doing his other job, which would require the ability to nollie big heel down some large sets).

Mark, Globe Shoes, and TransWorld SKATEboarding are granting you the chance to design your very own Mark Appleyard Globe pro model shoe. This will be none of that “I bought this at the skate shop, took it home, drew some smiley faces on it, and I’m selling it on eBay as limited editon” nonsense. This is truly, Globe-sanctioned, Globe-produced, in Globe factories-all your custom colorway/design/materials. And you’re gonna get 24 pairs, yes, 24 pairs-twelve of your very own homemade Apple butter (maybe only ten or eleven if Mark likes your design and decides to swipe a pair or two for himself), and twelve of the standard-issue Appleyard of your choice. All you have to do is log on to or, download the Appleyard shoe template shown below, and add your flavor in whichever way you see fit. Fire up the Photoshop or just get out the crayons and pencils, go buck wild, and post it off to:

TransWorld SKATEboarding

“I’m Gettin’ My Own Appleyards!”

353 Airport Road

Oceanside, CA


Be sure to include your shoe size, current address, and phone number or we’re keepin’ ’em for ourselves! Please note that entries will not be returned (unless you win-then you’ll get the real thing, duh). All entries must be received by October 15, 2005. What ‘cha waiting for?