Pete Eldridge Lost Hallelujah Clip

A while back, Pete Eldridge had the cover of Slap doing a switch 50-50 on a rail in the Bay Area. When we started filming his part for Hallelujah, he said the footage ended up getting lost and he was down to go back and try it again. We went back to the rail to re-film Pete’s 50-50 when it started raining. Pete wanted to go for it anyway—he ended up slamming (which you see in his part) and jacking his knee up. Pete’s injury set him back for a while from filming, so we had his homeys get his back with some clips. I contacted old filmers and companies to see if anyone could help me find the clip of this switch 50-50. I had no luck. One filmer said, “There’s no trace on video that Pete even tried it.”
That was until two weeks after the DVD came out. I was out skating in San Francisco filming Jeremy Reeves when he told me, “Hey, I heard you were looking for that Pete clip?” Unfortunately for us, Jeremy had no idea we needed it. When an old T.M. quit, he gave a disc of footage to Jeremy Reeves and another rider. It’s a bummer that it couldn’t make Pete’s part, but I thought we could at least share it.—Chris Ray

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