Peter Smolik’s private Let’s Do This! Premiere

Just the other night, Peter Smolik invited a few of his closest Clairemont homeys over to his new house in C-mont to show them the fruits of his labor, the new TransWorld video Let’s Do This!. However, this was no throw-it-in-the-DVD-player-and-grab-a-seat-on-the-couch affair. No, Smolik went the whole nine, nailing a huge white sheet to a shed in his backyard, borrowing a projector, lighting several tiki torches around the yard, pulling out enough seats for everyone, and made sure everyone had a fresh beverage at all times. Truly a host with class. The hammered homeys enjoyed the exclusive showing on a warm summer night and even requested an encore. Just another joy of hanging with the ODS.—Blair Alley

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