Phoenix Am 2007 Wrap Up

Our bright-eyed and eager new intern Zac got his first assignment last week—hit the road to Phoenix and bring back tales of the Phoenix Am. Well, he did just that, and judging by his story below, he has a blast doing it! Right on, Zac!

I have found the only ways I can describe Phoenix are all in a negative manner. Whether it be the overwhelming heat, the deadly freeways, or even my camera getting held ransom at Ihop, Phoenix sucks. I would have to say that the only thing good ever to grace that city called Phoenix where those ams. In case you didn’t hear, they ripped the park a new one, or two, or even three. Everybody that made it to the finals shredded and amazed the crowd. It was nice to watch the new generation of skaters that keep the tradition alive. Even though Phoenix was a harsh place to be, the ams came through and made it worth everyone’s while, thanks.—Zac Woods

Check the slideshow to see all the pics, and the results are right here.