Phoenix Am 2010: Finals And Best Trick Highlights

Over 150 skaters started the weekend at the 2010 Phoenix am contest, but when finals started Sunday afternoon, it was down to the last 12 skaters. After a weekend of a lot of amazing skating, it was Ishod Wair on top at the end of the finals. Congrats Ishod!

After the Finals ended, everyone headed over to the ramp to car on the course for the best trick contest. Here are some highlights from the Finals and from the best trick contest.

Phoenix am 2010 top 12: 1. Ishod Wair 2. Curren Caples 3. CJ Dixon 4. Aaron “Jaws” Homoki 5. Oscar Meza 6. Robbie Brockel 7. Luis De Los Reyes 8. Matt Berger 9. Taylor Smith 10. Diego Najera 11. Alec Majerus 12. Theotis Beasley

For the complete list of qualifiers, semi-finals, and final results, check out the Phoenix am website.