Ben Hatchell qualifies first and gets the golden ticket to the finals while the rest of the top 49 qualifiers advance to Sunday’s semis after the first day of skating at the 2011 Phoenix Am. For the full list of qualifier results, click HERE. And check in on Sunday night for results and footage from the semis and the finals.

Filmed and edited by David Hafer

FEATURING: Elijah Berle, John Fitzgerald, Kechaud Johnson, CJ Bartlett, Auby Taylor, Ryan Reyes, Austin Ramirez, Ben Hatchell, Jaws, Dane Vaughn, Collin Provost, Shawn Patrick, Kyle Walker, David Loy, Steve Reeves, Taylor McClung, John Pierce, Andrew Langi, Nick Fiorini, Danny Berrera, Paul Trep, Charile Blair, Josh Hawkins, Ryan Spencer, Robbie Brockel, Anthony Estrada, Shawn Hale.