Phoenix Am 2009 went down this weekend in the heat of the desert. Many amateurs came to destroy the park for their chance at the prize money. It is always a tough competition in the Am world with full grown men and little kids competing, that is why  Iam glad I am not a judge. The skaters in the contest are top notch skaters in the world. If I would have been judging I would have given Luan De Oliveira the 1st spot due to all the insane trickery he had going all weekend, But I was not a judge and Cody Davis didn’t fall in any of his runs so he deserved the win. Congrats to everyone who skated and had fun this weekend.

1. Cody Davis
2. Timmy Knuth
3. Luan De Oliveira
4. Bryant Chapo
5. Dustin Blauvelt
6. Chase Webb
7. Kyle Walker
8. Robbie Brockel
9. Scott Decenzo
10. Ke'Chaud Johnson
11. Luis Tolentino