Pin Up Of The Month: April 2007

Name: Helen Whitehouse, but my friends call me Hel Hel

Age: 24

Hometown: NorCal Bay Area

Current Home: Beautiful and sunny San Diego

Measurements: 32 24 34

Web site: Catch me on MySpace .:*Miss H*:.

Boyfriend: Nope! Im a free woman!

Favorite Food: Love junk food, In N Out is the best!

Favorite Skater: A kid by the name of Jesse Andres. If you don’t know him now you will soon!

What would be the ideal first date for you? Something casual. I’m all about chillin’ and having a good time. If you can keep up with my sarcastic humor and make me laugh, you’re soo in!

Are skateboarders good looking? That all depends, but ya for the most part.

What was the best part about doing the Pin Up Of The Month? By far the best part for me was getting to watch the guys skate, even though most of the time I just saw them falling after a trick, so I’m looking forward to seeing the shots to see what I missed.

Were you scared at all? A little. No one wants to get hit in the head with a skatebaord, ya know?!

How did the boys treat you? The guys were awsome! They totally put me at ease and made me feel comfortable. Crackin’ jokes the whole time! Thanks boys 🙂

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