Pin Up Of The Month: December

Name: Stasha

Web site: Stasha’s MySpace

Current Residence: Sacramento, Ca.

Are you a full time model? Yes.

How was it freezing your ass off while skaters flew by at high speeds right next to you? An adrenaline rush. Given the chance, I would do it again.

Favorite skater that you shot with? There’s no way to pick my favorite. Lance had a crazy look in his eye, but I loved all three of you. Thanks you guys. It was fun.

Are you worried about the hundreds of skate rats that are going to send you friend requests on MySpace?  Everyone needs friends : )

Favorite place to travel to: New York City—I love big cities.

favorite thing about visiting SD to do a shoot? I had a great time in San Diego. The weather was so nice during the day. It made me forget it was winter. And the people in SD, they know how to show an out-of-town girl a good time. I can’t wait to visit again.

Xmas wish list?  Anything from Victoria’s Secret. A girl has to look good under her clothes, too.

New Years destination?  I don’t have plans yet. I believe in spontaneity.  

All photos: George Crosland

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