Pin Up Of The Month: January 07

Name: Jordan Davidson

Age: 25

Measurements: 32C/23/34


Hometown: Chicago

Lives in: Valley Center, California

Boyfriend: Yes

Are you a full time model or do you have another job? Full time model

Did you like having the skaters skate around you? Heck yeah, love the attention.

Where you scared? A little, but I liked the adrenaline rush.

Where they hot? They sure were.

Who is your favorite skater? At the shoot, Devin, in the professional world, Rob Schneider.

Do you have any hot sisters? No, sorry.

What do you do for fun? Love to eat and listen to music, drive in my car, chill with friends, and get irie.

Any sketchy modeling stories? Have a bunch, but Mario hyper extending his arm like that was the craziest thing I’ve ever seen at a shoot. OUCH! But he took it like a man.

How do you know Jimmy? I went to high school with him, we had mutual friends. It was great to see him again.

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