Pin Up Of The Month: March 07

Name: Amy (Amos) Sharp

Hometown: Salt Lake City

Resides in: Salt Lake City

Measurements: 34-24-28

Favorite Brand: RDS

Favorite skater: Bucky Lasek

Web Site (or My Space):

How did you feel as Jordan Williams was tearing around you? I loved it. He was such a good skater I was excited to be shooting with him.

Did you ever feel at danger? Not at all. I snowboard and skate so “danger” is something I’m very familiar with.

Which was more dangerous, the skateboards flying around your head or being scantily clad in a hotel room with the pervy photographer? Well if by “dangerous” you mean “exciting”…that’s a tough call. Both situations were pretty damn cool.

What was the best part? The whole day was just amazing. From the skate shoot at Ogio to the photos I had taken, I couldn’t be any happier with the outcome!!

The worst part? Being half naked 8 months after having a baby. But, I still loved every minute of it.

What advice can you give to future Pin Up the Month models? Try not to fall in love with Crosland 🙂

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