Pin Up Of The Month: March

Name: Lexi Schafer

Resides in: Orange County babi

Hometown: Los Angeles

Age: 28

Measurements: 36DD, 28, 38

Height: 5′ 7

Web site:

Single or taken: I’m taken boys, sorry

Is it true you dated Lemmy?: I went out on one date with him a long time ago.

Tell us a story about that: It was all setup from someone and that’s all I’m gonna say, lol.

Were you in Playboy?: I have done a lot of work for Playboy actually. I was in Voluptuous Vixens, on their Web site and I’ve been to the mansion a few times.

What did you think of your POTM shoot?: The shoot was so awesome!!! I can say it was probably one of my favorite shoots ever!!

Who is your favorite skateboarder?: Bam Margera

What do you do for fun?: I go to a lot of concerts, take bubble baths; yes that’s fun, lol!! And I love to country dance. Yes, call me a nerd, lol.

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