Pin Up Of The Month: May 2007

Name: Gena Horn

Hometown: Jacksonville, Florida….yep another one from FL..

Resides in: Costa Mexa—err Costa Mesa, California

Measurements: 32-24-34

Favorite Brand: Lake skateboards.

Favorite skater: Jonathan Warren, Mark Lake, Peralta, anyone down with the old skool ruckus.

Web Site (or My Space): Yup, I gots some of those things.

How did you feel as the skaters were tearing around you? Well, I think I posed as a minor distraction, so the ratio of tricks landed as opposed to wipeouts was a little off—gotta give em credit though, haha.

Did you ever feel at danger? Yeah, I almost got an airwalk to the face.

Which was more dangerous, the skateboards flying around your head or being scantily clad on a beach with the pervy photographer? Neither, I was the most scared being half naked with a bunch of juveniles around me. I was scared I was gonna get arrested for being a pedophile—I’ll take the skateboarding ticket please.

What was the best part? It was the only time i’ll ever get to combine heels and skateboards.

The worst part? Wearing bikinis in sub zero temperatures.

Do you date skaters? Only if they shred the gnar…haha.

What do you look for in men? Mullets, old, fat, and washed up has-been skaters who sit in their garages all day and drink Steel Reserve in the can and stare at their old collection of Powell skateboards on the wall.

What is your address and phone number? You can only have it if you’re all of the above.

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