Pin Ups Of The Month: May 2007

This month’s Pin Ups come to you from the Front Range of Colorado, or Longmont, Boulder, and the Rocky Mountains of Colorado to be exact.

Name: Paola Marquez
Age: 18
Hometown: New York City
Boyfriend: yes
Web site: MySpace
Favorite Skater: Tony Hawk
Did you ever feel like your safety was at risk? It was a thrill not really knowing if the skateboard was gonna land on my face or not!
Was it fun? Thrilling fun, especially being on the ramp and you see the skater coming towards and all you feel is the wind left behind from a super cool stunt!

Name: Sarah Toves
Age: 18
Hometown: Longmont, Colorado!
Boyfriend: Yes! He’s the best!
Web site: MySpace
Favorite Skater: I would say Bob Burquist. I think he’s cute in a weird kinda way! 😉
Did you ever feel like your safety was at risk? I was TERRIFIED! I was so scared that a board was going to hit me in the head! But George and the skaters assured me I’d be fine, and I was.
Was it fun? It was a BLAST! Definitely a moment in time that I will NEVER forget!

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