Plan B In The UK

Words and photos by William Greenfield

The last stop off in Plan B’s European Tour brought them to the UK for a rammed weekend of skating.

Ryan Sheckler and Brian Wenning were notable absentees, whilst Ryan Gallant joined Pat Duffy on the injured list.

The ‘battle of the buszy’ commenced in Milton Keynes on Saturday. Paul Rodriguez casually skated alongside a heavy turnout of Brits, including Plan B UK rider Adam Howe, who knocked out a front tail front 270 flip out on the T-block. The ledges and manual pad got a good seeing to from all involved, highlighting some of the talent emerging from the UK.

Sunday saw a Plan B demo take place at Saffron Walden’s brand new park. The ‘one minute park’ (named in tribute to Andrew Minute, who was fatally knocked of his skateboard by a car) is the first Dreamland Park in the UK. With any luck this won’t be the last and will raise the standard of skate park design around the country.

The hundreds of onlookers witnessed a heated demo in the blazing sunshine. The street section got a healthy christening and Danny Way tested out the smooth new bowls. Paul Rodriguez played on the rail with ease, PJ Ladd threw some bangers down the drop and Colin Mckay mixed it up with a switch tre over the ‘frazzle’ step-up. Good show!—William Greenfield