Possessed A Book By Helge Tscharn
There’s a book just launched that you should go and check out (click here to buy it!), it’s called Possessed, by Helge Tscharn. If you haven’t heard of the name before then it’s possible that you live outside of Europe. Helge has been talking skateboard photos in Germany for some time, most of his work is published in the magazine called Skateboard. A lot of the skaters in this book are German, but there’s also a selection of shots of pros from the States too. Not only are there nice skateboarding photographs in this book, there’s also a whole bunch of music shots for your enjoyment, no matter what music your into there’ll be something for you here. Just like the skateboarding it covers a wide range of artists, from Metallica to Aphex Twin. What I liked about the book was its simple approach, reflected in the no bullshit intro and the clean way each photo jumps out at you, it’s a good size with nice stock, real clean looking black and white, one for the coffee table for sure. Every friend will be impressed at how far your international skateboard knowledge has gone. All the editorial staff here at Transworld Skateboarding loved it, which is a shame cause Grant Brittain has the only copy in the building.

Here’s a section from part of the intro,”A glance at the range of skateboarding publications shows that this kind of photography is not easy. At the same time I am glad that some moments are documented in my memory alone, for what can be more terrible that a bad photo of a good experience? Oftentimes a photo has robbed valuable moments for their magic and transformed them into painfully dry and uninteresting.” Indeed. Who’d have ever thought there’d be a time when we’d see photos of Lee Ralph in the same publication as Right Said Fred, worth every tree that took the fall.

Click Here to Buy Helge Tscharn’s Possessed: Photographs