Powell‘s long-awaited video Fun premiered last night to a packed house in El Cajon, California in conjunction with Black Wax skate shop. The house was full of enthusiastic skate rats, and not just from East County. After a short introduction from Jordan Hoffart and Powell TM Deville, the video started. The theme of having fun was immediately apparent and carried through to the end of the video. To give you a little tease: Josh Hawkins is an innovative Arizona desert shredder, Derek Elmendorf has some crazed truck-to-rail action, Ben Hatchell is a certified show-stealer, John White—nollie pop shove-it to frontside feeble a rail, and Jordan Hoffart with a two-song ender. Steve Cab had a couple cameo clips as did the Powell flow/upstarts. Disappointingly, there is no Danny Wainwright footage. All in all, it was a successful premiere, everyone in attendance left full of stoke—damn the new breed is good! Kudos to Powell—Fun is well-worth the wait.