Prague Contest – 20.1

Prague Contest
What? Javier Sarmiento busted a frontside crooks down the rail! Where’d that come from!? The crazy Spaniard then proceeded to stomp everything from crooked grind transfers to nollie 180 heelflips, but the frontside crooks was so unexpected it definitely earned him the number one spot. To be honest, I was psyched to see Javier win, too, ’cause that guy rips.

As far as the vert contest, it was canceled due to bad weather, but Frank Hirata won the best-trick contest with a frontside 360 over the box and the rail. However, Frank’s really lucky the judges didn’t see Clyde Singleton’s seven-foot drop off a bridge onto his head. Because that was obviously the best trick of the whole contest, and Clyde could have used that cash to pay for his doctor’s bills. Luckily he was okay and everyone had a grand ol’ time in the city of Absinthe. Oh yeah, if you’re ever in Prague and a kid tries to sell you a suitcase filled with switchblades, just walk away.-Shad

Street Results
1. Javier Sarmiento
2. Wolnei dos Santos
3. Kyle Berard
4. Carlos de Andrade
5. Omar Hassan
6. Nilton Neves
7. Ryan Johnson
8. Frank Hirata
9. Cezar Dal Pozzolo
10. Dayne Brummet

Best-Trick Contest
Frank Hirata-frontside 360 ollie over the box and over the rail.

Vert Contest
Canceled due to bad weather