Pro Choices What influenced your choice of graphics?

Mike Frazier, Element

“Right now my graphics are of a bird holding cards. Element has a series of boards that picture animals doing human things. I like to gamble, so I thought my bird should be doing something like that. It was either cards or rolling dice. Actually, I’ve had a lot of gambling and fishing graphics-I like to fish and gamble. The graphics are usually my idea. I’ve come up with some ideas that people aren’t too … well, they aren’t too into them. But with Element, I have a lot of input, and they’re easy to work with. I’ve just had two different graphics with them, and they’re always pretty open.”

Neal Hendrix, Black Label

“I have an eagle smoking a cigarette on my board. It’s from a race car I saw it on TV; it was just so different looking and obscure that people probably wouldn’t notice that it was actually taken from something. After we were done with it, it looked a lot different from the original. I told John Lucero about it and bought a bunch of NASCAR magazines to show him what it looked like, but the guy racer is such a screw-up that he’s never in the magazines. I had to tape a race and I just kept pausing it on him until I could get a good angle. That didn’t exactly work, but I finally found a black and white photo and showed Lucero. I had to explain all the colors to him. The car is number four, and it’s my fourth Black Label graphic, so it all worked out. Originally, I didn’t want to use the number, but Lucero was all into it. And he was also into putting the cigarette in the eagle’s mouth. I was like, “Come on John, I’ve never smoked in my life.” I wanted to put a disclaimer, something like: ‘Neal doesn’t endorse bird smoking,’ but he wasn’t into it.”

Willy Santos, Birdhouse

“My graphics are of a Ranger Fox roasting a bird. I have always loved cartoons, and I like the theme to it. The one graphic before was just a picture of the Ranger on his own. My favorite graphics were the Yellow Submarine ones; I’ve always loved the Beatles. With graphics you’ve got to think of it as business-even if you may like it, the kids might not. But still, even with that, I’ve done some graphics that I’ve been stoked on that probably haven’t sold too well. I put a picture of my dad on the bottom once, his Navy picture … I guess that’s sort of weird because he’s not dead or anything-but I was still stoked.”

Giorgio Zattoni, Powell

“I don’t have a graphic out yet, but I’m working on it for Christmas. It’ll be from the Eleventh Century, and feature Crusaders-the guys who fought people that didn’t believe in God. I liked them a lot, how they’d fight against what they didn’t believe in. I like how they’d dress. I sort of feel like them in a way because of how I travel and enter contests: sometimes I don’t want to, but I know I have to-like them. It’ll be strong graphics-the knight is angry, and the house in the background isn’t all cartoony. I don’t like that stuff.”