Anyone who wasn't lucky enough to be around skateboarding in the 80s when vert skateboarding and professional rivalry was at its peak, saw some of that energy reinvigorate itself at this year's Pro-tec Pool Party. The Masters division took on the look of a Bones Brigade reunion as Steve Caballero claimed first place and $14,000 ahead of fellow Brigade alums Tony Hawk in second, Lance Mountain in third and Mike McGill in fourth. It was the first time that those four had competed in the same contest since the early '90s and Stacy Peralta and George Powell were on hand for the occasion. Check out a gallery of photos by Skin Phillips here.

Video by Cameron Holland and James Buchmann. Marquee photo by Skin Phillips

Cab, who six weeks ago broke his collarbone in a motorcycle mishap, was not expecting to compete until being cleared to begin rehab just a week ago. He also won in 2010 and is the only Masters competitor to unseat 6-time winner Chris Miller, who placed 9th this year. The night was capped off with Hawk receiving a huge cake in honor of his 44th birthday.