Pro-Tec Pool Party MASTERS Highlights

There may have been nearly three decades of sweat smell wafting from the pads of all the legends  in the Masters division of the Pro-Tec Pool Party last weekend but, from the looks of it, no one seemed to be hindered by age. Everyone rippedGrosso, Hosoi, Duane Peters and the rest. When it was all done, Steve Caballero was finally able to take the top spot from Chris Miller (Miller has finished first for the past five years). As always, Lance Mountain skated with style and got himself a spot in third place.

1. Steve Caballero $13,000
2. Chris Miller $7,000
3. Lance Mountain $4,000

For more info on the 2010 Pro-Tec Pool Party go to the Vans Pool Party page. Look for the one hour television special August 6 at 8:00pm on Fuel TV.