Questionable: Issue Thirteen

Your town sucks-or so we’ve heard.

And who told us this firm and fleet truth?

You did.

Sure, there are exceptions to the rule, but judging from the letters columns of every skateboard magazine since the beginning of time, no one wants to be where they currently reside. Too many jocks, too many cops or security guards, not enough spots, bad weather, etc., etc., etc.

It’s not hard to believe, really. Why? Our town sucks, too. Everyone’s town sucks. But come on, that’s easy enough to fix. We can all just trade places!

Simple, yes, until you take into account the effect that Tony Hawk Pro Skater has had on the list of desirable skate residences over the past half a decade. Now everyone wants to live in SF in 1991, L.A. in 1995, or some utopic conglomeration of spots that don’t even exist.

Come on, now. We can’t all live in the same location, even if there were someplace that had Burnside, Hubba, Barcelona, EMB, Love Park, and Bob’s house all smooshed together a block away from our front doors. Think of the scheduling conflicts. Think of the sewage problems. Plus, no one ever thinks of eating in a video-game paradise. Not eating might suck, too.

I know your town sucks, but look on the bright side-at least your fridge works.

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This month’s Questionable question:

What’s the best city in the world for skateboarding?

“Antwerp! 4 life!”-Camerajan, Keyboardurbia

“I think Barcelona’s the best place to skate. I haven’t gotten to go there yet, but after seeing the 411 feature and all of the spots featured in other videos-Sorry and Menikmati come to mind, I can’t wait to go to Spain for a few weeks and skate until I can’t anymore.”-Ian Graham, Mouse Clickingdom

“Shit! I forgot the name! You’ll probably know which one I’m talking about. It’s the place with no security guards, no Skatestoppers, no li’l bastards dissin’ on the Birdman, the entire city is paved with smooth-ass ground, perfect temperature all year round, free boards, free shoes, free food, cold-water fountains, no jocks, no wind, no rain, and really beautiful women. Oh, yeah. I remember now! It’s called HEAVEN.”-Anon, Flatmonitor City

“You can’t really say, ‘Well, Philly’s the best!’ or, ‘No way, NYC represent!’ The fact is that places are the best to different people. I once said that Love Park/Philadelphia is the all-time best place to skate. Then I skated there and my opinion changed totally. It was an awesome experience and I had fun with what I did, but it wasn’t the best for me. Maybe to a lot of people who skate there, it’s the best, but it’s all in people’s heads. You can’t really say where the best place to skate is. It all depends on people’s personalities, styles of skating, and their skills. I wish there were a best place, so I could go there and tear it up, but sadly, it’s not that easy.”-Billy, Connecticut

“Boston. I’m from a small town called Worchester but now live in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. I go back to see some family and friends every year, and last year, my friend Joe got an apartment there, and I went to stay for a month or so. The subway system is super easy to follow, the locals will take you in their clique and show you spots, and the police don’t care about skateboarding that much, so it’s an overall good vibe. I’m sure there’re plenty of other great cities in the world, but from personal experience, I choose Boston because I’ve actually skated there for an extended time. Also, Fort Walton Beach, Florida. You don’t know this, but it’s off the heeze for sheeze, and we house the dopest spots accompanied by the most all-star skaters this side of the Mason Dixon. Holla.”-Jason Nix, Fort Walton Beach, Florida

“I think San Francisco is a great place to skate beecause of those big hills.”-Tyler, Rockford, Illinois

“Dude, San Francisco is so sick, but now they got Skatestoppers.”-Cole Masse, Modemland

“It all depends on the person. Are they leaning more toward tech or burly? Kids into tech could say San Francisco at Embarcadero or the New Spot. Or maybe Pier Seven, and you can’t forget Philly (R.I.P.) and New York. Kids into burly could say pretty much the same thing, like the Willshire rails, Hollywood High, El Toro, and so on. I really don’t think there’s a best city to skate. I’ve heard good things about almost every big city. New York, Philly, San Francisco, Denver, Huntington Beach, Los Angeles-they all have their great spots. Just skate the spots you have and learn to love them.”-Noah Harris, A.R.E.A.

“I think Lake Cowachin, Vancouver Island, and White Rock are the best!”-C. Little, USBtown

“Toronto! There’s everything to skate here: ledges, rails, and stairs-we’ve got everything. Plus, compared to places like Southern California, everyone here is pretty mellow so you don’t get kicked out of that many spots. Plus, you can walk across the street and be in a new spot rather than driving an hour to the next one. Plus, rippers are coming out of here, and around the area.”-Anthony Daley, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“Anyplace other than where I live.”-Anon, Austin, Texas

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