Questionable: January 2003

Progression is a funny thing.

Everyone either wants to claim responsibility for it, blame it on someone else, or try to stop it. But still, it continues and continues and continues. Even digression is an apparent step in the forward movement of all things.

So why all this progression obsession? Funnily enough, it’s the subject of this month’s Questionable column. Next month, who knows? But as the moments move on, there’s one thing we can all be sure of-with the arrival of the next second, the following minute, the ensuing hour, the coming day, et ceteras-progression is as certain to greet us as the expanding universe, the coming of doomsday, or the first 50-stair whatever. Funny, right?

This month’s Questionable question:
“Why does it seem like skateboarding never stops progressing?”

“Every skater has their own ideas and they act on those ideas, so there’s always something new. Everyone thinks skaters are dumbasses, when we are actually the most creative and open-minded people out there. We are artists, but we have a different canvas-the streets of any and every city across America. Skating is getting more popular, which means there will be new ideas from different people, and as this happens, skating will continue to progress forever.”-Batman, Gotham City

“It seems like everyone’s progressing, because the kids who are skating now have more balls and are willing to try anything. Just to turn pro and be famous, they have to throw down big-spin kickflips to front board-the kickflip to frontside boardslide is a competition trick now. All the pros like Koston and Thomas know how fast the kids are progressing. It’ll take a couple of years, but tricks you do in Tony Hawk Pro Skater are going to be the simple ones. I’ve already seen tre flips to lipslides done in competition. What’s next-360 flip backside tailslide 270 out? We’ll just have to watch and see.”-Anon, Anonland

“The progression of skating is so fast because every time you feel like you’re starting to reach a high point in your skating, some little kid comes around and shows you up, pushing you even harder to get somewhere closer to their level.”-Tim, Whichurbia

“Because it’s no fun to do the same thing over and over again.”-John Speaker, Dillsburg, Pennsylvania

“It’s an easy sport to get into, and once you get down the basics, the possibilities are endless. I also believe it does well because many people like to watch. I’m not too big of a fan of it becoming the American sport, but at least it’ll help the sport gain more popularity.”-Anon, Uncomprehendaburg

“Skateboarding never stops progressing because of a skateboarder’s nature. If you go to your spot and miss your frontside flip down the stairs and never try it again, you aren’t a skateboarder. But if you return to the spot day after day until you make it, you can be stoked for a day, and then go and try to do it switch. Because of this determination, skateboarding keeps progressing on a huge level every time a real skater steps on his skateboard.”-Anon, Somewhereplace

“It’s like a bad disease, only in a good way. It’ll be passed from mother to child, or father to child. It’ll go on for a long time-no one can stop it. You’ll be able to pass it on forever.”-Ericka Rendall, Washington

“Skateboarding doesn’t stop progressing ’cause there is still more room for it to-tons of tricks still haven’t been done.”-Michael McClelland, White Rock, B.C., Canada

“Because its sooo much FUN!”-Anon, Whereverton

“People will always skate; therefore, people will always find new ways to keep it interesting. This, in a sense, forces the sport to progress.”-Mike Connelly, New Castle, Delaware

“If skating didn’t progress, we’d still have those little dinky boards like my dad had.”-Anon, Unnknowntown

“In the beginning of skateboarding, it was just riding-no tricks or anything. If it weren’t for those few people who pushed theeir limits or just experimented with new moves, we would never have the cool tricks we pull today.”-Cristine Rodriguez, Houston, Texas

“I think progression is part of human nature. Everything is constantly evolving, including skateboarding. Videos and magazines have sped up the progression by keeping skating in our heads 24 hours a day. In the late 80s and early 90s, videos weren’t being released every couple weeks. There was maybe one a year. The progression wasn’t as evident then. People had to rely on their surroundings and the people they skated with to witness skateboarding being pushed to new levels. Now we have a monthly check of what level skateboarding is at. Everyone knows the bar for skateboarding is constantly being raised, and right about now it seems like you need a pole vault to reach it. A couple times a year, I think skateboarding can’t progress any further, and then it happens. It just happened while you read this.”-Gordo Sturgeon, New Unknowntown

“Skateboarding never stops progressing because you see people doing all this crazy shit and you want to do better, so you dedicate yourself to it-you dedicate yourself to progress. Isn’t that what skating is about?”-Anon, Unrevealedopolis

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