Questionable July 2002

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This month’s Questionable question:
What makes skateboarding different than other sports?

“Skateboarding challenges you to become a much more daring person, not only in the types of moves you’ll try, but also in everyday life. It’ll make you bolder. It’s about pure and total fun. That’s all it is-no two ways about it.”-Josh Waller, Manson, Iowa

“Style.”-S.T.M.C., Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

“Diversity makes skating different. So many people meet from so many different places and they become friends. So many people think we’re dumb potheads. There’s a small portion who do that shit, though. Skateboarding requires huge mental abilities, that’s why it’s so different.”-Michael Tiano, Markham, Ontario, Canada

“All other sports take force and strength. Skateboarding takes a special creative eye, a lot of self-awareness, and self-control.”-Rochelle Carey, Internetland

“Skateboarding is for individuals. You learn at your own pace, and you don’t have to impress anybody. It’s not a team sport like basketball or baseball. You skateboard for yourself and no one else.”-Eric Harthun, Highland, Michigan

“In hockey, you can’t get out of the rink while playing or shoot from the seats, but in skateboarding, there’re no rules and anything’s possible.”-Justin Murray, Charters Settlement, New Brunswick, Canada

“Skateboarding is just a way of life. While you’re skating, you don’t feel any pain or bad feelings. You’re just free! The feeling I have when I glide above my board is soeperkoel and indescribable!”-Johan, Muizen, Belgium

“You can do it every day and you won’t get tired of it. If you don’t skate, then you should. It’s that damn simple.”-Mr. Muffinman, Internetland

“No one originally does it to make money. I mean, you’re mad if the first time you go on a board you think, ‘Wow, this is an easy pain-free way to get rich.'”-Ant Newhall, Internetland

“Freely being able to express yourself and the endless possibilities are the two major reasons that stick out to me. There’re hundreds others, but I don’t have time-gotta go skate.”-Scott O’Malley, Tacoma, Washington

“The Gonz is a perfect example. Has he ever done the hardest trick? Has he ever won a World Championship? No. He is, however, the undisputed best skater of all time. There’re no rules, teams, rankings, or any other B.S. when you skate. It’s complete freedom, and you don’t have any worries. Skating is the best thing in my life.”-Jack Voves, Keizer, Oregon

“Skateboarding is different because it’s not a sport. Skating’s an art that you live-sports are what you do in gym class.”-Christian Rose, Binghamton, New York

“There are no set requirements. No required height, weight, age, or sex. Already proven by Jon Comer that even with an artificial leg, you can still kick ass on vert. It also doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. It can been done anywhere there’s a smooth flat surface at anytime in the day. You can even be a dad at the age of 35 and hit rails like the rookies. It’s all on how dedicated you are to the sport, and how much you want back.”-Grevy (Da Man) Marcelin Jr., Internetland

“You can’t win.”-Cecilia Contreras, Internetland

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