Questionable: March 2003

Just remember what they taught you on Sesame Street:

Tall muppets can reach the tops of bookcases, and small muppets can crawl under bookcases to find stuff that might've fallen on the ground.

Now if only we were all muppets hanging out around bookcases.

This month's Questionable question:

“Does skating come easier to bigger people or smaller people?”

“I consider myself big for my age, and skateboarding definitely doesn't come easy to me, but that's why I love it. It's a challenge. So if it's more challenging when you're big, then I'd rather stay this way–it'll just mean that much more when I land a trick.”–David Rush, Watauga, Texas

“I have a friend who's older than me and works at a skate shop. He's not a big burly jock, but he is pretty tall. The way he holds himself on the board when popping tricks is so amazing. I think it doesn't matter so much what you weigh, but more about how you hold your weight.”–Anon, Internetburg

“I don't really think it matters if you're big or small. It all comes down to skill, and you can only learn so much of that. Everyone's born with abilities–some in sports, some have smarts. It all depends.”–Jordan Bounds, Pearland, Texas

“Being small is handy for balance, but being tall is handy for ollie height.”–Anon, Internetland

“Doesn't matter. I'm small and I suck, but Greg Myers is small and look at the stuff he's doing! Same thing with big guys like Stacy Lowery. He rips, like any of you didn't already know that. So anyway, it doesn't matter.”–Chris A. Angola, Indiana

“It's easier for small people, for sure. I'm six-four, and I just can't get the hang of flips because my legs move too slow. Plus, I have a higher point of gravity than almost every other skater, which makes keeping your balance harder. Also, because bigger people are heavier, you break more boards. On the positive tip, though, high ledges are easier for me than for small people. One tip for the industry, make larger boards.”–Robb, Holland

“If you're a big person–tall not fat–it's easier to do flip tricks and other tech stuff. But it takes a while to be able to do gaps, sets, and handrails because your appendages are longer. A smaller person–short–learns how to do big stuff faster, but their flip tricks take longer for them to learn. However, after a big person's all set with their balance, they can do even bigger shit, but the small person can't because they don't bend as much.”–Darren Tseng, Internetcity

“It doesn't matter if you're big or small. It depends if you got the balls!”–Cam, Internetcounty

“It's gotta be this–the smaller you are, the more tech you'll be. And the bigger you are, the more burly your style will be. I know loads of little kids half my size who tear up everything as soon as they get on the board. I, on the other hand, took years to get really tech tricks 'cause of my size. Also, isn't there something about the smaller you are, the better your center of gravity? That's supposed to make your balance better and give you a more fluid style!”–Will, Manchester, England

“I think size is more important than age, 'cause I know a kid who's only two years younger than me, but has managed to accomplish everything I've learned from two years of skating in six months. Not to mention when you're little, your board is almost the same size as you, so you've got tons of landing space. By the time you outgrow it, you're so good aat skating that it doesn't really matter. No matter what size you are, though, it sucks to be going through puberty 'cause that makes you the most uncoordinated person on Earth.”–Anon, Internetmunicipality

“I think skateboarding comes easier to smaller people, but they also have dumb-looking styles. When you're small, you seem to have a lot of control, but it looks sort of silly. When you're taller, you might not learn quite as fast, but your style usually looks a lot better, and you can obviously do bigger stuff. The main downside is you'll break a lot of boards, which leads you to not want to try big things.”–Nathaniel, Nova Scotia, Canada

“Skating is much easier for little guys. I wear a size-fourteen shoe, so I have a hard time keeping my weight centered over my board. Whenever I ollie something big, my wheels are always biting into my board, even when my trucks are ridiculously tight.”–Sam, Pittsburgh

“It's not the size of your body, but the size of your heart.”–Derrick Dykas, Internetplace

“You don't see fat people doing backside flips down fifteen stairs. Li'l dudes get it easier.”–Ricky Tilley, Chandler, Arizona

“Skating doesn't come easy for anybody.”–Anon, Interneturbia


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