Questionable: May 2003

We were hoping that some of you were working toward a cancer cure or tackling the elusive “peace in the Middle East” cause while you were hurt.

Alas, it was not meant to be. “Minds are like steel traps,” I heard a guy say. Here’s a thought: if one of you could figure out how to do the aforementioned while sitting on your collective asses, playing video games, eating, and watching TV, we might really be onto something.

Keep us posted.

This month’s Questionable question:

“What do you do while waiting to recover from a skate injury?”

“Watch skateboarding videos, flirt with some girls, and then play THPS so I can still have the pleasure of kickflipping big sets of stairs.”— Anon, Someplace

“When I broke my leg, I couldn’t skate for six months—all I did was daydream about skateboarding. It was almost torture watching my friends skate but not being able to share in the enjoyment of something that used to be oh-so present in my life. On the way to the doctor, I’d see spots from the car and envision the tricks I’d want to do. But, in all my misery, not being able to skate for that long period increased my passion for my true love, skateboarding.”— David Rush, Watauga, Texas

“You wait.”— Anon, Anyplace

“When I’m injured and I can’t skateboard, I’ll usually watch a video or two to inspire me to recover quickly so I won’t slow down the wonderful process of progression and self-expression.”— Michael McClelland, White Rock, B.C., Canada

“I’d shoot photos of my friends skating, or I’d sit and eat all day. They both sound good to me.”— James Holk, Eugene, Oregon

“I broke my ankle over the summer, and I’ll tell you what I did: I obsessed and spent every waking moment of my time thinking about skating—watching it, and replaying the tricks over and over again in my head, 24/7. When I got back on board, though, I found that I’d lost nothing and have been learning new tricks even faster than before. I think that’s the best thing to do—don’t get a hobby or do something else with your time. Concentrate with every moment of your spare time, watch your videos in slow motion, imagine that wonderful feel of the board under your feet, and you’ll have couch time well spent.”—Derek, Auburn, Washington

“I’ve been injured for over a year now. I’ve dislocated my shoulder five times since this time last year—it’s the most painful thing to ever happen to anyone! I finally got surgery about two months ago. Anyway, all I can think about is skating. When I was healthy, skating was always there for me. Now, I know that I can’t skate, so it’s like a chick that you want but has no interest in you—the kind that you are sooo into it kills you. I live in LA, right across from an elementary school that’s pretty much skate heaven, so it sucks being injured. THPS3, vids, and mags (TWS, of course) are the best things to happen to the injured world, but they don’t even come close to the feeling of skating for real. When I’m better, I’m gonna skate all day for the rest of my life, or at least a couple times a week. Take my advice—do physical therapy!”— Anon, Los Angeles, California

“I normally just watch a shitload of skate videos, buy loads ofmagazines, and wish I hadn’t injured myself. Just as I think canlive without skateboarding for a week or two, my mates come ’round and tell me what a great day’s skate they had. That really pisses me off.”— Anon, Unknownplace

“Start skating again.”— Justin Shardy, ICU

“I’m recovering from an injury, and all I have to do is fingerboard and answer this stupid question.” —Anon, Unspecifiedplace

“On the first day of summer last year, I broke my ankle in two places. I was out for eight weeks—all I pretty much did was watch TV. I also did a lot of thinking about what I was going to do when I got back on my board. I imagined all of these tricks that, of course, I couldn’t do. Maybe some people do thingss different, but that’s what I did. I’m just glad to be back on my skateboard.”— Kevin Savage, Elk Grove, California

“Right now, I have a broken ankle, and it’s the worst. I even have a new deck waiting for me. So until then I just go skating with my friends like usual, but now I just sit and watch what goes down.”— Kenneth Wolber, Allplace

“Try to hang out with girls more.”— Golfinski Hawtenshnoogen, Myplace

“I skate, and then get more injuries. If it comes to a point where I just can’t move, I play video games or go on this Web site.”— Anon, Yourplace

“I recently got hurt. I broke my fibula (or the small bone) in my push leg. I also dislocated my ankle and chipped it right at the ball joint. I had surgery and had a plate and six screws put in my fibula and two screws in my ankle. I was off work for a month, and couldn’t skate for about two. I sat on my ass for about three weeks, watched a lot of TV, and ate a lot of junk food. I thought about skating even more than when I skated all the time. You only really want to skate when you can’t do it. I have been working really hard to rehab my ankle I have been jogging on a treadmill and doing a lot of stretches and stuff. There’s nothing worse then not being able to skate.”— Nick O, Anydamnplace

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