Quick Questions with Paul Machnau

Let’s talk about the RDS vid, word on the streets is it’s going to be gnarly.

Yeah, it’s gonna bring a lot of Canadian kids onto the scene that weren’t there before. Kids that are coming up that people don’t have any clue about. Like Mike Hastie, Russ Miligan, Sean Hayes, Glen Suggit, and then of course,Ryan Smith. But a lot of people already know about Ryan. I’ve seen a lot of their footage and it’s just amazing.

What’s up with this rumor that you have 20 minutes of footage?

Laughs Jeez, it keeps going up. I did have a lot of stuff, but I just did a 411 part, and I’ve just been kind of giving some of the footage out. I gave Digital a little bit of stuff, too, but basically my RDS part is just going to be all of my gnarliest shit. I do have a lot of stuff, but I wouldn’t say twenty minutes. I’d say my RDS part right now is about five minutes of bangers.

Any word on when the video is coming out?

Right now the release date is February 1, but it could come out earlier.

So you’re moving to California?


Really? I thought you were over it the last time you came down here?

That’s because I was down here San Diego where it’s hard to skate. But I stayed up in Costa Mesa for two days and got so much footage. I think I’m going to move there because, for me, I need skateboarding on a daily basis. I have to skateboard every day or I don’t feel right, it’s like an addiction. And when I hung out in Costa Mesa, I hung out with Bill Weiss and he showed me all these spots¿day spots, during-the-week spots. They’ve got a lot of stuff up there, and that’s where the Red Dragon warehouse is going to be.

You guys going to have a Training Facility?

It’s in the works, right now we just have a bank.

All right, let’s end this with the classic sponsor shout out.

Right now I’m riding for RDS skateshop, Emerica shoes, Independent trucks, Nixon watches, Mounting Machines hardware, Swiss bearings, and Momentum wheels.