The Quiksilver back parking lot was bombarded on Saturday with a wash of fluorescent paint, loud 80's DJ Jams, and some rowdy jump-rampery in their first ever "All 80's, All Day" Skate Jam. It was a good turnout across all ages from the fourteens to the forties, and although some of the younger grommies ripping that day weren't even born yet in that glorious decade almost 20 years ago – the whole point if the day was fun, and everyone was certainly in the mood. Standouts included Sal Barbier's mastery of the bean plant to nosepick, as well as the rocket foot plant on the picnic table, and numerous twirling jamp ramp blasters. Eddie Reategui skated like a man possessed after building the whole course, and he was the only one to handle the steep bowled corner with a wicked rock n' roll slide. He took a well deserved first place. Alex Olson channeled the spirit of both Oster and Holmes and whipped aournd the course with the smoothness, while Oster and Hosoi themselves powered some moves that only true legends can keep for almost 20 years. Lance Mountain was on hand to judge as well as Steve Olson, Lance Dawes and Chris Ortiz enjoying the sun and the hot dogs. And not to forget Duane Peters who took out the Best Costume, even though he was looking a little more from the 70's than the 80's. It was a great vibe, and the general opinion was that there should be more contests like this – high on fun, low on pressure and lots of color!—Mike O’Meally

All photos by Mike O’Meally