On Saturday, Quiksilver hosted the follow up to their All 80s All Day street event with the All 80s All Day Vert Challenge. Legends from all around came decked out in their classic gear and riding their classic boards from over 20 years ago. Hawk, Hosoi, Cab, Mountain, Grosso, Lester, Nash, Shroeder, Staab, Tony Magnusson, and many more. Jason Ellis was on the mic and he did not hold back, styles were made fun of, tricks were ridiculed and he kept the crowd and the skaters laughing all day with his brutal and hilarious comedy. Lots of cash was thrown out for various tricks and the high-air stick came out too. If the Rumble in Ramona was like the Terror in Tahoe, this was more like the Vison Skate escape, well not quite but you get the idea. All color, flourescent, old boards, copers, lappers, lycra, hair extensions – you name it, it was there. All the dudes did it up right with the costumes and the trick selection, and it was hard to believe that people used to ride those boards!

This has got to be done more often, the vibe was all about fun and it was a great
way to see how much skateboarding has changed over 20 years. Special thanks to Quiksilver and Shred or Die for hosting the event.

-Words & Photos by Mike O’Meally