Quiksilver Canada Tour Blog Day 1

Quiksilver Canada Tour Blog Day 1

Words & photos by Matt Ramirez

Here we go, Quiksilver is off to Canada to do some demos and meet some shops in Montreal and Toronto. It's a good crew for the eight-day trip; Danny Garcia, Kyle Leeper, Omar Hassan, Reese Forbes, and Riley Hawk. Throw in Jamey Beeson (team manager) and Bill Strobeck to film and it's a solid dose of USA for America's Hat. Everyone met up at LAX and we were off. Two movies and five rounds of beers later we arrived in Montreal with an A+ landing. Thanks Air Canada! Once we got off the plane and finished the customs interrogation we met up with Quiksilver Canada guys Dario Phillips and Trevn Sharp, along with Quiksilver Canada team riders Jordan Hoffart and Corey Wilson. Day one ended with a good team dinner and a Laker win. So far, the trip is off to a good start.

Day two schedule looks good, but Reese doesn't. Reese is blaming a sketchy looking turkey sandwich he had on the flight. Jamey got him set up for a sick day in the room and we headed out. No demos or shop visits today so the Canada guys took us to some spots. First stop, The Big O at The Olympic Stadium. Montreal hosted the Olympics in 1976 and built the venue for the event. Somehow, they accidentally built a bunch of good spots in the process. Now that the Expos bailed to become the Washington Nationals the place is empty and skateable. Omar, Riley, Jordan, Corey, and couple locals took the Big O for all it was worth. The Big O tranny is tight and fast, but the boys handled it easy. Once everyone had their way with the first spot, Jordan took it up a notch with a 16-stair hubba around the corner. Security showed up, but our Canadian friends said something French that chased them off. We skated some ledges, kicked around a flat soccer ball, and called it a day. One of the locals took us to a Japanese restaurant and everyone was good. Day two is done.


Hurry up and wait. Omar, Riley, Leeper, Jamey, and Danny at LAX

Jordan Hoffart and the Quiksilver bus welcome us to Canada.

Starbucks Canadian style with Omar. It's all the same, just order in French.

Leeper shred ready.

First spot, The Big O.

Jordan Hoffart Front 5-0 to get it going.

Omar gets to know the transition with a 5-0 to fakie.

The local girls are "Skirtboarders,” and you think it's funny until you see them skate. This skirt had the spot on lock.

Bill Strobek is claiming the Skirtboarders are definitely making the edit.

Omar lipslide to Bill.

Omar bluntslide Big O style.

Riley Hawk has transition in his blood.

Then Riley took the session up a notch with a backside noseblunt.

After The Big O Jordan wanted to skate some street. This is what Jordan calls skating street.


French words are exchanged and we got to stay.

There was an 8 stair behind the 16 stair. All you had to do was run up a flight of stairs, jump on your board, ollie up 4 stairs, and you were at the 8.

First try warm up ollie.

Day 2 is done. Leeper, Jamey, and Riley call it.