Quiksilver Canada Tour Blog Day 4 and 5


Gas break on the way to Toronto.

Words and photos by Matt Ramirez.

Day 4 is a travel day. It's a 6 hour drive to Toronto and we need to be there by 7:00 to attend The Ultimate Wave Tahiti 3D movie premiere. It's a 9:00 AM bus call, so we made it out by 10:00. Not too bad. Halfway to Toronto we stopped at a small shop in Kingston. Nice guys, and a good spot to grab food for the rest of the drive. The guys signed some posters for the shop and we got back on the road.


Checking out Rocki Shop in Kingston.

We rolled into Toronto about 5:00, checked into the hotel, and headed over to the premiere. The premiere is in the basement of the CN Tower, the tallest building in Canada. The Quiksilver Canada guys hooked us up with passes to go to the top of the tower and check out the view and glass bottom floors. It's 186 stories tall, and the elevator gets you to the top in about 30 seconds.


This thing is in front of our hotel. Jordan tried to jump on top of it and almost knocked the thing over.

Everybody got weirded out walking across the glass floor. Reese tried to hijack the elevator to get us out faster but the girl working there caught us and jumped in before the doors could close. Apparently it's a big deal to ride the elevator yourself. We watched the movie and hung out with the Toronto Quiksilver store guys at an afterparty at the local reps house. Good times.


The CN Tower in Toronto.

Day 5 was good and bad. We knocked out a 12:00 signing at the Toronto Quiksilver store then headed out to skate. The Toronto rep took us to a small skatepark to warm up, then we headed into the city. The G20 summit is starting next week so the entire city is fenced in and crawling with police. The first spot we found worked out good.


Danny took a break 186 floors above Toronto.

Leeper and Riley got some shots on curved marble benches before we got kicked out. That was the beginning of the end. We spent about 3 hours skating around Downtown Toronto, getting kicked out of every spot in less than a minute. Bill was stopped by bicycle cop gangs three times to get hassled about what he was filming and why.



This was probably the worst time to try and skate in Toronto. Luckily, we were pointed to a good spot at the University that was far enough from Downtown that we were able to skate. Reese and Riley got some stuff done at the spot and we headed back to the hotel.


Much Music is Canada’s version of MTV. The Much Music Video Awards was also happening in Toronto right now. There’s no where to go.


Over it.


Quiksilver store signing on Sunday.


Reese and Omar signing posters.


Everyone is in there somewhere.


Warm-up spot.


Everyone sessioned the mini.


Riley took a nollie 180 option out of this crooked grind.


Quiksilver Canada Marketing Manager Dario has bluntslides all day.


Back to the streets.


Spot one looks good.


Leeper warms up with manuals and nose manuals.


Bill Strobeck, back at work trying to keep up with Riley.


Leeper’s knocked out a bunch of tricks on these ledges.


This spot was great, for about 30 seconds.

14-rileylongbench1-6003 hours of searching led to this. The only spot that isn’t a bust in downtown Toronto.

Tomorrow we’ll bring you Go Skateboarding Day at the new Ashbridge Skatepark and Miniramp BBQ at a new shop.