Quiksilver Canada Tour Blog Day 6

Words and photos by Matt Ramirez


Ashbridge Skatepark: we got to the park right before school got out. This place got crowded real fast.

Day 6 was our last day in Canada, and it was also Go Skateboarding Day. The Quiksilver Canada guys set up a demo at a new skatepark just outside the city. The park is called Ashbridge Skatepark and the Toronto kids are psyched on this park. It's huge. Too many times skateparks are given a small space and they try to cram as much stuff as possible into the park. This park is the exact opposite.


Jordan Hoffart with a bluntslide.

They have everything at this park, and in all different sizes.There are 3 different stair sets in three different sizes all with handrails and hubbas, every size ledge you could ask for, mellow banks to steep banks, and manual pads in multiple heights and lengths. Only one drawback… if you're looking for transition this isn't the place to go.


Omar Hassan and Danny Garcia skating with the kids.

But, the local kids told us the park is in phase 1 of the build. Phase 2 and 3 will be transition, including a big bowl. The demo turned into just skating with the kids instead of doing a formal demo.


Danny and Omar with a quick 360 flip contest.

A ton of kids came out to the park for the day, and everyone was skating, so we all agreed it would be lame to tell all the kids to get out of the park and stop having fun. So all the guys just skated with the kids and signed a ton of boards, t-shirts, hats, and posters. The kids would take a break to get out of the sun and watch different guys skate different sections of the park. Jordan Hoffart got sparked on the stairs and won the demo.


It ended in a tie.

After four hours at the park we all headed back to the hotel to get cleaned up before going to a Go Skateboarding Day BBQ at a new skateshop in the city called The Baitshop. It's a really cool shop. It's located in a back alley with a miniramp downstairs and the shop upstairs.


Here’s the only transition in the park. Ollie up about two feet to get on the bottom of this thing, pump your way to the top, and have fun. Omar with a pivot fakie.

All the guys skated the mini and shared BBQ with everyone. After a few hours we got a visit from one of the Toronto Police bicycle gangs who decided we had enough fun for the night. So, everyone skated through the city to a Go Skateboarding Day afterparty about 15 minutes away. The night went long and everyone had fun hanging out with the local Toronto skate scene.


Riley skated this think like it was a basic three foot quarterpipe. Solid back D, bad timing on the photo. Sorry.


These kids took a break to watch Jordan Hoffart skate the middle stair set.


Jordan sets up for a 360 flip lipslide.


Jordan noseblunt slides the big stair set.


Everyone started showing up to the Baitshop BBQ around 7:00pm.


The Baitshop board and show wall.


The downstairs miniramp inside the Baitshop. It feels like and empty dusty warehouse downstairs.


Jordan and Leeper skating the mini with the kids.


Scatter and skate to the after party.


The next morning everyone was ready to go home. At the airport, Quiksilver Skate Team Manager Jamey Beeson made up for lost sleep over the 8-day trip.

The next morning we all flew back to California and finished off the trip. Thanks for the good time Canada! We'll be back.