Quiksilver Gives ATL’s Foundation A Makeover

Quiksilver Gives ATL’s Foundation A Makeover

Words and photos by Cullen Poythress

In the spirit of some of the nation’s greatest DIY skateparks—Quiksilver with the help of Team Pain just turned metro Atlanta’s Foundation into an official skateboard landmark. The team was at it all week with concrete and trowels and on Sunday October 21 the project was finally unveiled. Formerly an abandoned building slab outfitted with a concrete ledge and some wooden quarter pipes, the Foundation now has a professional-grade bowled corner complete with hip, a pyramid, and even a woop-dee-doo roller.

The Foundation was packed with Atlanta skaters who were treated to free BBQ and drinks. Notables included Kris Markovich, Grant Taylor, Graham Bickerstaff, David Clark, Kevin Radley, Patosphere, Stormy Pruett, and a host of other shredding locals. Transworld Photog Mike O’Meally even made it to town for some brats and brews.

Although Atlanta suburbs have seen significant skatepark growth over the past several years, the city has still been lacking a park for skateboarders living in the metro area. Finally, Atlanta has a great park, that’s free, padless, and run 100% by local skateboarders. Hopefully, the City Of Atlanta will see what a positive addition it is to the community and let it stay.

Big thanks to Quiksilver, Team Pain, Stratosphere, and all thehardworking local skaters who volunteered their time and resources.