Back in February, I was invited to join the Quiksilver team down under as they continued their Roam campaign. You can see all of Mike O'Meally's photos in the Roam Issue #4 zine right here. I wrote the accompanying story and shot some photos and video of my own I'll be posting in installments here.—Blair Alley

Music: Volcano Choir

Day 4—Canberra
A full day in Canberra. After a quick stop by Shifty's skate shop to set up some new boards, we hit the famed brick banks of the Erindale skatepark. Some sweeping up was in order, then the boys went to work. Kyle was back lipping and front rocking the steep trannies. Danny grinded the rails, tailslid the bricks, and ollied the benches. Reese hit high speed lines and ollied the massive gap from snakerun to patio that no locals have yet stepped to. And the former site of the dying tree that O'Meally chopped down in Let's Do This was photographed for posterity's sake.
Then it was onto a spot that can only be described as the Mad Max Ditch. It was way out in the bush and the locals had built a nice cement quarter pipe in it. No words will do this area justice so just peep the digital zine to see what went down.
O'Meally took us to the famous Canberra ribbon spot next. It's fun to bomb down, but not really anything can be shot there since Omar Hassan got towed uphill and aired in the cradle. We got the boot quickly anyway.
Then it was off to the Belconnen park. A pretty fun yet random place a bit overrun by BMXers, but we got some clips anyway. That night, a big Aussie boxing match was on T.V. that we all wanted to check out. We hit up the Canberra Labor Club and threw back some brews with proper local bogans and enjoyed the scene. Kyle ordered a fat plate of kangaroo steak and fries that we all shared, and the Aussie experience was complete.